Episode 10
Episode 10
Japanese Title だっちいこで
Romanized Title Dacchi Ikode
English Title Let's go together
Airdate Sep 13, 2014
Chapters 43,44
Theme Music
Opening Rashisa by SUPER BEAVER
Ending Innocence by NoisyCell
Previous Episode Episode 9
Next Episode Episode 11
Seishuu is done with his work for the Narukain exhibit and meanwhile the president decided that Seishuu could return back home.

When Naru and Seishuu were walking around he meets Kousaku and helps him with building a dam. While they were at it he also asked Seishuu to help him out at a shrine. He has to rewrite the names of the people who helped out with the shrine. While he was walking back home Akki told Seishuu that Kawafuji called him. There he is seen on the phone saying "I'll return."

The next day everybody goes to the festival.

After the festival Seishuu leaves the island, without telling anybody..

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