Episode 12 (End)
Episode 12
Japanese Title かえってきてうりしか
Romanized Title Kaette kite uri shika
English Title Happy Yer Home
Airdate Sep 27, 2014
Chapters ?
Theme Music
Opening Rashisa by SUPER BEAVER
Ending Innocence by NoisyCell
Previous Episode Episode 11
Seishuu's mother is really against him going back to the island. While he was in a discussion with his mother he finds out that his father also used to live on the island. After their discussion Seishuu's mother brought Seishuu a box send by the people from the island. After she saw how delighted Seishuu looked she finally agreed to let him go back to the island. The next day he goes back to the island by plane.

Arrived back at the island everybody suprised him and he also got a call from Kawafuji saying he got fifth place, but he wasn't sad about it. Since it was a work he could be proud of. -His work included all the names from the people from the island and he wrote the names of the people he cared a lot about (like Naru, Miwa etc.) bigger then the others-


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