Tamako Arai ( 新井 珠子 Arai Tamako?) is a side character of Barakamon series. She is usually seen with her best friend Miwa walking around the island. Seishuu's house was their secret base before he moved in, but they still frequent it disregarding his claim over the space. She is an aspiring mangaka and draws her own horror manga.

Appearance Edit

A seemingly sweet girl, she has brown eyes covered by glasses with oval frames and blackish-brown hair tied in thin pigtails.

While seen wearing casual clothes, she also wears the uniform of the school her and Miwa attend, which consists of a sailor fuku-style top that has black on the collar with a red line going through it, a black pleated skirt, and brown loafers with mid calf socks.


At first she is shy and doesn't talk much but she opens up when she talks about manga, becoming quite impassioned. She is also a closet fujoshi and obsessed with Seishuu's male relationships.

She can be mischeivious as she often joins Miwa in mischief making, but is more mature as shown when Seishuu complained about how he shouldn't have come to the island because he was getting lazy and it started showing in his work. Miwa wanted to scold him but Tama calmed her down and told her not to, understanding Sensei had a lot of pride and needed time to cool his head.


Her first appearance is in the first episode with Miwa. They return to their secret base only to find it newly inhabited by Seishuu. Later on she and Seishuu both happen to be shopping for ink, but there was only one bottle left. Seishuu ends up letting her take it.

While they walk back together Tamako asked Seishuu if he would read her manga which she plans to submit to a Shonen Magazine. He is immediately horrified by the violent content on the very first page and suggests she uses a bit less gore and more friendship and hard work. Tamako suddenly breaks character and goes on a dramatic tirade explaining why her manga is perfect and typical shonen content is flawed and boring. Seishuu digresses and tries to put the gory manga away without antagonizing her further, but she forces him to read the whole thing. Tamako then gives him a bag full of manga which she instructs him to read to understand more about manga.

At home Tamako becomes increasingly worried that Seishuu might tell everybody in the village that she is an otaku and fujoshi. Panicked, she runs to his house and finds Seishuu and Hiroshi 'embracing' each other, causing her to have a fujoshi melt down run back home. Throughout the series she continues to find Seishuu and Hiroshi in these type of situations together and thinks god is testing her.

Trivia Edit

  • Tamako's manga collection notably includes Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater